Pioneering in Circular Agriculture in Vietnam

Nguyen Khoi Green Jsc. is an emerging company producing deliciously fresh, truly local food from award-winning sustainable farming model with the system “from Farm to Table”. At Nguyen Khoi Farm, we has developed the pioneering Cicular Agriculture Model in Vietnam to introduce a sustainable farming model that is farmer- friendly, produces zero waste and enhances economic efficiency.

In the harmony with nature

At Nguyen Khoi Farm, there are two things that we always adhere to.

First is to respect the natural behavior of pigs by building a living environment with comfortable housing, sunlight, wind, fresh air, providing nutritious and balanced diets and creating the most favorable conditions for them to be active and healthy every day.

Second is the application of scientific methods in building houses, controlling the quality of habitat and health status of animals.

In consultation with experts from Humane Society International, an NGO working to promote farm animal welfare, Nguyen Khoi Farm has started working toward the transfer all mother pigs (sows) from gestation crates to crate-free, group housing, providing them with room to move and socialize.  The new system will be fully implemented by 2025.

These values go hand in hand with daily animal husbandry activities on farms to develop sustainable ecosystems, higher animal welfare housings, and human health.


Almost 10 years ago, the world began to talk about a new economic model – “The Circular Economy”. It is an economy in which every product does not become waste or depreciate; instead, it is used to become an input for another process. The circular economy is the economy that serves sustainable development.

In Vietnam, when the concept of “circular economy” was such primitive that many people haven’t known it, Nguyen Khoi Farm approached that radical value, manipulated and created it. We therefore has innovated the model that is pioneering in circular economy in sustainable agriculture. 

With these practical values, the Circular Agriculture Model has been recognized, sponsored and awarded by prestigious international and domestic organizations on sustainable agricultural development. 

Nguyen Khoi Farm and SDGs

With the initiative of the Circulate Agriculture Model, Nguyen Khoi Xanh Joint Stock Company aims to pursue the common sustainable development goals of the community worldwide.