Circular Agriculture Model (CAM)

Circular Agriculture Model (CAM) is pioneers in circular economy in agriculture in Vietnam. It is an innovative approach to keep the nutrient cycle closed for the environment and agriculture’s benefit, making use of modern technologies at a higher level


Technologies are arranged synchoronously, rationally and consecutively to meet VietGAP’s requirements.


Residual flows from livestock and crop production is produced foranimal feed, fertilizer in the chain. In CAM, both crop and pig husbandry are practiced on farm. Pig’s manure and sewage is separated into solid and liquid form, towards the circular process.

Microbiology technology

Microbiology technology – EM is widely used in all farming processes to replace mechanical and chemical methods in order to reduce labour work, fossil fuel and chemicals use. Simultaneously, EM boosts the decomposition of organic matter to shorten the waste treatment duration.

Product diversity

All components produced from waste treatment systems of CAM are usable and profitable in the closed agriculture cycle. The farm, at the same time, produce variety of products from livestock, crop husbandry and organic fertilizer with different harvest periods. The product diversity boosts farmer’s income and reduces wide swing of farm income from such uncertainties as production and market risks.

Environmental – friendliness

Zero–agriculture waste

Reduction of 9,96 tCO2/year

Minimization of fosil fuel use.

Economic efficiency improvements

Reduces 28% animal feed cost,
Reduces 40% organic fertilizer cost

Reduces 50% watering amount
Improves market values of agroproducts
Produces at least 03 product categories.

Farmer – friendliness

Simple and applicable operation

Low operating cost

Less uncertainties.

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Awarded by World Bank

On June 24, 2019, with positive contributions in agricultural solutions to cope with climate change in Vietnam, surpassing nearly 750 applications, after 3 rounds of competition, Nguyen Khoi Green JSC (Nguyen Khoi Farm) has been honored to become one of the 16 enterprises to be awarded and sponsored by the World Bank through the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Vietnam Climate Innovation Center.

Blue Swallow in sustainable agriculture

On October 25th 2019, Nguyen Khoi Farm was one of three businesses honored with the award the Blue Swallow award in sustainable agriculture at Blue Swallow 2019 by VCCI, VUSTA, UNDP and CSIP.

Nguyen Khoi Farm and Aus4Innovation

In August 2019, Nguyen Khoi Farm innovative model was one of seven innovative scientific results that received support of Science Commercialisation Partnerships scheme under Aus4Innovation granted by AusAid and Innovation Exchange.

From the beginning and development of the Circular Agriculture Model, Nguyen Khoi Farm has always set the goal of developing a sustainable farming community and towards a synchronized green agriculture, together with return to nature, protect the environment, and contribute to strengthening the ecological balance. We are always ready to support, consult and transfer the Circular Agriculture Model technology in pig raising to organizations and individuals in need.